name: Bryan "WOMP" Tomczak

from: Boynton Beach, FL

influences: Cliff Burton, David Ellefson, Bryan Tomczak, Steve Harris, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Paul McCartney

bio: I've been a bass player now for 30 some years. I've played in a few dozen different bands in my history as either a full fledged member or a fill-in for just about every genre of music there is. I am at heart a metalhead, but my tastes are quite broad. I'm 22 years sober, have 2 sons, in my second marriage, and Curabitur lacinia ultricies tellus et pretium sometimes feel none the wiser. They call me Etiam auctor ut mi in rhoncus Womp. Aliquam dapibus urna est nec ultricies arcu ultricies id It's a story from the age of 15 which involves a faceplant from a skateboard onto concrete and the sound which was made... WOMP!